Water Demineralization Plant

Water Demineralization Plant

Approx Price: Rs 20,000 / Piece 

Our organization hold expertise in designing, erecting and commissioning highly efficient Water Demineralization Plant, which is used for removal of impurities from the industrial water. Ideal for places when feed water TDS is low and low conductivity product water is required, these plants can also be customized based on the specific requirements of the customers. Further, the range is stringently checked on various parameters to ensure its compliance with set industry standards and capability in removing cations, anions or strong acid anions from the water.

This typical process involves the removal of cations (e.g. calcium, magnesium,sodium, potassium, iron and other heavy metals) by a bed of Strong Acid Cation (SAC) ion exchange resin followed by a second bed of Strong Base Anion(SBA) resin for the removal of all anions(e.g.Bicarbonate Alkalinity, Chloride, sulfate, Nitrate, Silica etc.) or a second bed of Weak Base Anion (WBA) resin for the removal of Strong Acid Anions(e.g chloride, sulfate and nitrate). The Demineralization process is also enhanced for production of High Purity water by providing Mixed bed ion exchange column in addition to normal de-ionisation columns. Demineralisation Plant makes the underground water clean and fit for applications. Operating on the principle of degasification, ion exchange and polishing, the plant works on the technology that is one of the cost effective solutions for the treatment of water. In the process, all the present anions and cations are converted to their respective acids, leaving behind only hydrogen and hydroxyl ions that combine to form pure water.


  • Effectively treats the underground water
  • Removes all the harmful substances and minerals dissolved in the water
  • Works on the principle of ion exchange, degasification and polishing
  • Available with FRP, MS, MSRL or SS vessels
  • Auto and manual mode of operation
  • Engineered with both multiport and individual valve
  • Separate cation and anion exchange vessel
  • Produces ultra pure water

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Boilers feed water
  • Textiles
  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals
  • Breweries
  • Submarines and ships
  • Swimming pools


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