Apart from execution of turnkey projects our trading division Supply, install and commissions following to the customers' requirement on very competitive prices.

1. Water treatment Resins, Activated Carbon, Graded filter media for filters,

2. Flocculating chemicals for water and effluent  treatment systems -

(i) Poly Aluminum Chloride
(II) Alum
(iii) Hydrated Lime
(iv) Polyolectrolyte in Gel and Powder Form

3. Valves (Diaphragm, Multiport, Special Footvalves and non-return valves in P.P).

4. Disc and Dome type strainer nozzles for water treatment system.

5. Electronic flow meters, level controllers, (float, resistance type level switches).

6. Hydraulic ejectors for water treatment plant column regeneration in P.P., C.I, with G.M., RL, and Ebonite Nozzles of any size.

7. Chemical dosing system.

8. Complete venturi Aeration system for replacement of any type of aeration system in effluent and sewage treatment plants and also Odour Removal /Reduction to improve final water quality .These systems are virtually maintenance free.

9. PVC cross-fluted media for cooling towers, oil separators. Anaerobic and Aerobic reactors in effluent/sewage  treatment and fluidised PVC media.

10. We under take work of user specific fabrication, laying of pipelines. Control systems etc.

11. Motorised Belt type oil skimmer, Motorised Disc type oil skimmer and custom built oil/grease traps. 

Our trained technical manpower is our asset which enables us to execute work of at any location in the country.
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