We "Indo Dilmun Engineering Industries" are submitting a profile of our company's work capabilities for your kind perusal. We would like to introduce ourselves as a company engaged in executing environmental management projects with a standing of 27 years. We have to our credit installations of effluent, sewage, water and air treatment systems for more than sixty diversified industries and govt. departments (e.g. edible oil refineries, textile processing, leather tanning, sugar, agro, pharmaceuticals, metal surfacing, industrial canteen, hotel, hospital etc.

We, Indo Dilmun Engineering Industries have evolved designs and methodologies for treatment of complex effluents/ which have toxic interference due to presence of cyanide, phenols, arsenic, heavy metals etc. In our endeavor to provide user-friendly treatment systems we have assimilated the modifications into our designs by up-gradation to control chemical consumption, reduction in energy, reduction in land requirement and minimum operator interference. Several effluent treatment and sewage treatment systems have been provided with tertiary treatment for recycling and conserving water. the use of recycling system requires a very rigid control of final quality of water from biological system, which, we have achieved successfully by introducing attached bio-growth bacterial bio-mass methodology. The reactors used for anaerobic or aerobic reactions are being provided with fixed or fluidised media.

Clients of Sewage Treatment Plants
  Name & Address Year of Project Executed Capacity
1. Prestige Group Project: Vijaya Mall, Chennai 2012-13 500 m3/day
2. L.V.Prasad Eye Institute, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 2012-13 130 m3/day
3. M/s. Chalet Hotels Ltd. , Resi. Bldg. No. 17 Hitech City, Hyderabad 2011-12   140 m3/day
4. M/s Stamlo Hotels Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad 2010-11 250 m3/day
5. M/s Green Park Hotel –Extension, Hyderabad 2010-11 200 m3/day
6. VITP (P) LTD. (An Ascendas Company), Hitech City, Hyderabad.  (Up gradation) 2009 400 m3/day, 100 m3/day
7. M/s K.Raheja IT Park, Bldg, 2A, 2B, Hitech City, Hyderabad.  (Up gradation) 2009 180 m3/day
8. M/s. Chalet Hotels Ltd. Hitech City, Hyderabad (The Westin) 2009 400 m3/day
9. M/s. Novartis Health Care Pvt. Ltd., Hitech City, Hyderabad                                                     (FAB) 2009   50 m3/day
10. M/s. Intime Properties Pvt. Ltd., Bldg. #9,  Hitech City, Hyderabad (extended Aeration) 2009 415 m3/day
11. M/s. Intime Properties Pvt. Ltd., Bldg. #6,  Hitech City, Hyderabad 2009 110 m3/day
12. M/s. Emannuel Resorts Pvt. Ltd., Secunderabad (ALANKRITA)                                       (SAFF & FAB) 2008 100 m3/day

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Clients of Effluent Treatment Plants
  Name and Address Year of Project Executed Capacity
1. M/s. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Bangalore 2010 Up gradation
2. M/s Balaji Colour Laboratories, Hyderabad 2008 30 m3/day
3. M/s Shalimar Global Oils Pvt. Ltd. Kakinada 2006 30 m3/day
4. Aarvee Denims and Exports Ltd., Ahmedabad 2005-06 2800 m3/day
5. M/s Agarwal Industries Pvt. Ltd.  (for Kakinada unit) 2005 70 m3/day
6. M/s South Central Railways, Kazipet Diesel Loco shed Effluent. 2003-04 96 m3/day
7. Aarvee Denims &  & Exports Ltd., Ahmedabad 2003-04 1200 m3/day
8. M/s Kedia Over Seas Ltd., Kakinada 2002 50 m3/day
9. M/s Sarda Agro Refineries Ltd, Hyderabad 2002 30 m3/day
10. M/s RamaNaidu Colour Labs, Hyderabad (Photo Film Processing) 2000 150 m3/day
11. M/s. Navdurga Textiles 2000 150 m3/day
12. M/s Dillip Textiles, Hyderabad 1998 200 m3/day
13. M/s Maruti Cottex Ltd., Hyderabad 1997 400 m3/day
14. M/s Dilip Text Prints, Hyderabad 1995 250 m3/day
15. M/s Navshakti Textiles Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad 1994 250 m3/day
16. M/s ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards, Hyderabad 1993 30 m3/day
17. M/s Ordnance Factory, Yeddumailaram, Medak DIST. 1991-92   700 m3/day        & 300 m3/day  
Clients of Water Treatment Plants
1. Diana Hotels Ltd., Hyderabad ASF, ACF, Softener, Chorine Dosing System 2011 15 m3/Hr
  2. Stamlo Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Hyd. ASF, ACF, Softener, Chorine Dosing System 2011 15 m3/Hr
3. Ascendas IT Park, Hyderabad Water softening system 2011 150 m3/day
4. Toshniwal Granites Pvt. Ltd., Choutuppal Water Softening Plant 2008 300 m3/day
5. M/s Innmar Tourism Hotels Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Water Treatment Plant 2006 150 m3/day
6. M/s DRDL (Defence Research and Development Laboratory. D.M. Water Plant 2004 30 m3/day
7. M/s Mediciti Hospitals Hyderabad. Water Softening Plant 2003 15 m3/day
8. M/s Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited, (MIDHANI) Water Softening Plant 2002 100 m3/day
9. M/s Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur. Filteration, Chlorination & Aeration for Swimming Pool 2002 800 m3/day
10. M/s Dart Manufacturing India (P) Ltd., Hyderabad. (Unit of Tupperware of USA). Raw water filtration cum Softening 2000 90 m3/day
11. M/s Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur. Raw Water Filtration Plant 1999 960 m3/day
12. M/s. Integral Coach Factory Chennai. Raw Water Filtration Plant 1996-97 3500 m3/day
13. M/s Ordnance Factory Project, Yeddumailaram. D.M.Water Plant 1991-92 120 m3/day
14. M/s. Ordnance Factory Project. Yeddumailaram.  D.M. Water Plant 1990 24 m3/day
15. M/s. B.H.E.L (R &D) Division, Hyderabad. Desalination plant (R.O.Module Mfg.with material from BHEL. 1989-90 800 Nos.
Clients for Pharmaceutical Industries
1. M/s. Biological Evans Ltd. 1995 40 m3/day
Clients of Air Pollution Control System
S. No. Name & Address Project Name Year Project Executed
1. M/s Meenakshi Paper Mills (P) Ltd., Hyderabad. Wet Scrubber 2003
2. M/s Sarda Agro Oils Ltd., Hyderabad Wet Scrubber 2002
3. M/s Goverdhan Industries, Hyderabad Wet Scrubber 2002
4. M/s Dulichand Industries, Hyderabad  Wet Scrubber 2002
5. M/s Lalaji Silk Mills (P) Ltd., Hyderabad Wet Scrubber 2 Nos. 2002
6. M/s Lalaji Silk Mills (P) Ltd Cyclone Separation 2000
7. M/s Dulichand Industries. Cyclone Separation 2000
8. M/s Hindustan Fluorocarbons Ltd. Rudraran, Hyderabad (A Govt. Undertaking) Modification & Replacement of fresh air Ducts. 2000
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